Discover our selection of Kare Design paintings printed on canvas or tempered glass to change the atmosphere of your room. Our glass models offer you vivid and emotional images while the paintings on canvas offer you authenticity thanks to their detailed hand-painted touches.

Design board

A design board in a classic or contemporary interior. It is the new trend that is imposed in all new constructions but also in renovation. Whether it is to sublimate a cosy interior or to perfect the interior decoration of a picturesque house, a design picture always has its place in your interior. Kare invites you to browse through its large selection of decorative paintings to find that little extra something that will make a difference in your home. Adopt a design decor by hanging a large design picture in your living room. Brighten up your children's room with a multicolored design board. In short, get in tune with the times.

Painting board

Looking for a decorative accessory that is out of the ordinary? Why not choose a painting to decorate your home? Painted pictures have been popular for interior decoration for centuries. The noble households of the Renaissance even made the painting, their main decorative object. Over time, the painting has taken on an increasingly decorative aspect, evoking a pervasive sense of belonging to a culture. The painting still has today, this inexplicable power to transform an empty wall of meaning into a real wall with history. By dressing your walls with a painting, you will make your home a unique and comfortable place.

Black and White Painting

Because we know that the vintage look is always in the spotlight in terms of interior design, we offer you this black and white medieval warrior painting from Kare. A unique painting that will embellish your walls in an exceptional way. This painting will certainly be the first object that will attract the attention of your guests in your home. You will make it a special wall decoration, with a touch of vintage very appreciated in contemporary homes.

New York picture

The cultural and architectural richness of the United States has always fascinated you. You have been looking for a decorative object that would make you travel, again or for the first time, to New York, one of America's greatest cities. This New York glass painting is the perfect choice for you. This exceptional painting pays tribute to the majestic buildings of New York, in all their splendor. Dressing your walls with this New York picture would be an invitation to travel for your guests. You can even invent a whole story or tell your last trip to New York to illustrate this original decorative object.

Colorful painting

Want to add a little color to your everyday life? Why not treat yourself to this tiger jungle glass painting? This colorful painting will also flood your day with joy. Need a little pep in your decorative style? This colorful painting will certainly do the trick. Moreover, whatever the color of your walls, your ceilings or even the floor of your home, this multi-colored picture will always sublimate the whole with a touch of exceptional cheerfulness. Treat yourself to a little bit of colorful fun to make your home even warmer.

Modern painting

Interior design is a real passion for you. You like to keep up with all the new trends in interior design. That's why you absolutely need a modern painting in every room of your house. A contemporary painting is a must-have wall decorating option in a contemporary interior. So that every corner of your home reflects your passion for originality, there is no question of depriving yourself of a beautiful collection of modern paintings. You will undoubtedly find a model of modern painting to your taste in the selection of Kare.

Romantic painting

In summer as well as in winter, you like to have in your interior a beautiful feeling of romance with a floral taste. In this case, you absolutely must have this romantic painting Touched flowers golden pirogue. From fantasy to reality, this Valentine's Day painting will transport you to a world apart where anything is possible. You can easily adapt this romantic painting with the rest of your furniture. This painting is even the main decorative object in your living room. This cloud of multicolored flowers delicately painted on a golden canvas, breathes good mood. Your interior will be both sensual and friendly.

Vintage painting

Are you a fan of the great romantic love stories that dressed up the old days? This Vintage Grand Central glass painting from Kare is perfect for you. This vintage picture can even easily become the centerpiece of your home decor, exuding elegance and originality. Placed on top of a vintage piano, you will make this vintage painting a decorative object in its own right, enhancing your entire home.