The buffet is the piece of furniture in your dining room that stands out thanks to its imposing dimensions and large storage capacity. Known for its different shapes and variations (string, chest, chest, chest of drawers, console, china cabinet...) which make it a piece of furniture as majestic as it is versatile, the buffet is one of the key elements of the house and your interior decoration, especially with the top-of-the-range Kare Design furniture. Appreciated for its functionalities, the buffet must now conquer through its design and aesthetics. You will necessarily find the buffet of your dreams among our selection of classic, industrial, rustic, modern, contemporary, vintage, baroque, ethnic styles.

Baroque buffet

Synonymous with exuberance, originality and artistic creativity, Baroque is a timeless style of decoration. To give your living room an eccentric and elegant touch at the same time, nothing beats furniture with curves and details so specific to this unique style.

Modern buffet

For you, decoration is a story of subtle lines and sophisticated materials? If you are looking for a piece of furniture for your new buffet that will bring a touch of elegance to your living room, rest assured, at Kare we have exactly what you need. Our Lava buffetwith its raised facade inspired by volcanic rocks, is a concentrate of good taste. The Moonscape buffet is made of mirror, a material that creates a refined atmosphere, whose surface is worked to imitate marble.

Ethnic buffet

Ethnic decoration makes your interior lively and welcoming. If you melt in front of the exotic atmospheres of decorating magazines, you will most certainly love the ethnic furniture made in Kare! Our Coachella buffetFor example, it marries natural materials such as mango wood and cotton to create a totally unique piece of furniture. If you are looking for a buffet that will bring an oriental touch to your interior, you will probably choose our Desert Queen buffet..

Design buffet

At Kare we like to create furniture that is in line with the style of our time. That is why we are constantly innovating and imagining new ways of designing furniture. That we decide to create white furniture, like our white Brooklyn buffet with minimalist shapes, or dark furniture, such as our elegant Nero buffetwe always take care of the lines to make them contemporary.

Rustic buffet

Do you like raw wood, animal skins and the atmosphere of cottages? No doubt, our rustic buffets should catch your eye! Taking all the codes of the far-west, our amazing Rodeo buffet will certainly not leave your guests indifferent. Made of mango wood and authentic cowhide, each model of this buffet is perfectly unique. And if, like the Texans, you like to think big, we recommend our Hutch buffet without hesitation and its extraordinary dimensions.

Vintage buffet

If you have a weakness for furniture with a vintage look, we are made to get along. Indeed, at Kare we love to bring back the lines, materials and colours of past fashions to the forefront. Are you looking for a buffet that could bring the elegance of antique furniture to your stay? So our Huckster model is for you! She storage units are placed behind windows fixed on an aged steel structure, all inspired by the displays.

Bohemian buffet

For you, the perfect decoration is made of aged furniture, antique mirrors, white sheets and wild flowers? No doubt, you are addicted to the romanticism of bohemian decoration! Good news, we have the right buffet for you. Indeed, our Sweet Home buffet has been specially designed for dreamers and lovers of sweetness. With its mismatched handles and antique mouldings, it will seduce you in the blink of an eye.

Wooden sideboard

You want to buy a new buffet and you absolutely want it to be made of wood? You are quite right, this noble material will bring an authentic and elegant note to your decoration. No matter which essence you prefer, we have what you need. Our magnificent Exotica buffet, for example, is made exclusively of mango wood. Finally, our sublime Brooklyn Walnut buffet is a true ode to the beauty of Sheesham's exotic walnut lacquered wood.

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