Trunk & chest

Discover our selection of trunks from KARE Design! There's something for everyone: wardrobe trunks where you can hang your clothes, vintage suitcases that will finish off your decor, or trunks that are as elegant as they are useful. It's time to splurge!

Chests and trunks to store everything in the house

Do you want to treat yourself and invest in an original, useful and stylish piece of storage furniture? Kare's chests and trunks will perfectly fulfill their functions, whether they are aesthetic or utilitarian. Whether you need to fill small spaces or oversized rooms, you will find in our product catalog a wide variety of high-end accent furniture that will bring a touch of refinement and uniqueness to your home. You live in an apartment? Choose a storage pouffe, a coffee table or a bench that can provide storage space for your dishes or bedding. Perfect for a drink with friends! Do you have large rooms in your home? In a modern looking living room, bring some contrast with a beautiful vintage piece like a chest bar. A stylish effect is guaranteed!