Choose your design sofa among our models of the brand Kare : 2-seater for small apartments, convertible for a double use or corner large size for spacious living rooms. Lovers of vintage style vintage will fall for the leather sofas leatherleather sofas, fans of Scandinavian aesthetic will prefer the models in fabric while fans of contemporary sofas will prefer contemporary will opt for velvet. We also offer bench seating to place around your dining table to create a welcoming atmosphere. Discover also our Infinity elements to assemble to create the sofa personalized sofa of your dreams. Small, large, convertible, corner, rounded, L-shaped, sofa bed, bench, leather, velvet or fabric, 2, 3, 4, 5 or more seats, with or without a chaise longue... You will inevitably find the sofa that will make your evenings comfortable moments of relaxation and shared pleasure...

Upholstered banquette

Upholstered banquettes are ideal for creating a Parisian café atmosphere in your home. With its vintage look, our Econo Buttons banquette will give a unique charm to your dining room next to your table. Inspired by the famous Chesterfield style, it will bring a warm and friendly touch to your home.

Fabric bench seat

Bench seating is very practical as it can be used around a table in the dining room for a casual and friendly feel, or in an entryway to bring a touch of comfort to the room. We especially love our Mode bench for its minimalist style. Whether you choose it in pink or gray, it will not fail to underline theelegance of your decor.

Vintage sofa

Do you love vintage style? Do you want a sofa that is out of the ordinary, and a change from what you see everywhere? If contemporary decor seems to lack depth, why not opt for a timeless piece like our Oxford sofa? Covered entirely in hand-patinated cowhide, this sofa will give your living room an authentic and distinguished touch.

Baroque Sofa

Not the type to go unnoticed and modern minimalist decor leaves you cold? If you prefer furniture that bringselegance to your home, you will most certainly fall under the baroque charm of our My Desire sofa.

Retro sofa

Can't resist the charm of old-fashioned furniture? For lovers of the lines and colors of the past, we regularly create new models of retro sofas. Our Milchbar sofa, with its quilted fabric, wooden legs and honey color, will remind you of the refinement of the sixties decoration. Simple and friendly, it will become an essential element for your family relaxation.

Contemporary sofa

You want a sofa that reflects your taste for design and current trends? No doubt, our Gianna model is definitely the one for you!

Scandinavian sofa

If you are addicted to the Scandinavian style, melt for this design coming from the cold and dream of living in a place dedicated to Hygge, our Vicky sofa is made for you! Its original shape and its minimalist look will bring to your living room a touch of softness. Its ecru color contrasts delightfully with its wooden legs and the whole is a real invitation to comfort.

Corner sofa

Perfect for structuring large spaces, corner sofas are comfort elements that transform a classic living room into a call to cocoon. For families who want to spend more cozy moments, our suggestion is our charming Belami sofa. Spacious and comfortable, it will allow you to share beautiful moments of relaxation.

Customizable and modular sofa

Because not all houses, apartments and living rooms are alike, it is ideal to be able to customize and modulate your sofa, to transform it into a perfect comfort element. This is what we wanted to offer you by developing our Infinity sofa elements. Its different parts, seats, meridian and footstools, can be moved endlessly so that you can create the sofa you need according to the occasion.

Meridian seats

Meridiennes are comfort elements that exude luxury and sophistication. Often romantic, meridian sofas are also extremely practical, as they can be used as a recliner for a unique moment of relaxation, or as a sofa for entertaining friends.