Wall Lights

Wall sconces are lighting which are fixed on the walls. They have the advantage of taking up very little space, and distribute the light in a room nicely. In some rooms, such as the kitchen, wall sconces can be used to bring more light. In other rooms, such as the living room or bedroom, the role of these lights will be to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation.

If you like contemporary and modern decorating style, opt for designer sconces, made of innovative materials, and composed of original shapes. Lovers of vintage decorating will prefer more authentic wall sconces, which echo the design code of their favorite decades. Take the time to choose your wall sconce with our guide.

Eye-catching sconces

Fall in love with our wall sconces with eye-catching slogans inspired by the iconic American diner. For a more offbeat decoration, discover our characters and luminous patterns like a pineapple, a hot dog, a hand making the Peace sign. They will bring life to your walls and create an atmosphere that inspires good humor.

XXL sconces

You're looking for a masterful fixture to dress up your walls and light up your room. Multicolored and chic, the large Parecchi sconce integrates 12 lampshades of mismatched materials and colors. It will sit behind your contemporary sofa or in your modern dining room.

Illuminate a room with designer sconces

You have a weakness for designer wall sconces to illuminate every room in your house. A true light panel, theSoles sconce will provide optimal lighting wherever you place it in your home. What's more, you can move it as you wish to put it in the entrance, in your living room or even in the kitchen. What to make your interior as modern as authentic.

Vintage sconces for a classy retro look

You are a born nostalgic and having the retro look in your interior design inspires you even in the lighting of your home. In that case, you will easily adopt ourvintage wall sconces like theDisc wall sconce or theMariposa wall sconce. Even in the daytime, these sconces are sure to add some punch to your home.

Wall sconces for more originality

In our range of lighting products, we have a wide selection ofwall sconces that can add value to your home. Nowadays, wall sconces are no longer just tools for lighting a room. They become real decorative tools, bringing more conviviality and warmth to each room of the house. This is the case of theglamorous Parecchi wall lamp that we do not hesitate to propose to you. Multicolored and whimsical, this model integrates 12 different lampshades in a single bright room. Halfway between modernity and vintage, with a slight touch of nature, this wall lamp will not only illuminate your interior, but will certainly surprise your guests.