Stools & Footstools

Of all styles, essential decorative objects, Kare design stools find their place in corners, sofas, are useful for surprise guests and can also be transformed into a small side table. To consume without moderation!

Design stool

At Kare Click, you will find a wide choice of designer stools. No matter which part you want to equip with a stool, you will easily find a model that suits you on our website. We offer a wide range of low stools in a variety of sizes, designs and colours. Plastic stools to teach your children to sit properly in the kitchen or dining room, without danger or bright stools that will bring a special atmosphere to your home. Each style has its own stool and you will surely find the model that suits your personality on our website.

Modern stool

Each interior design deserves a little touch of originality. A stool is both a functional and decorative piece of equipment that is very popular in modern buildings. From the most sober to the most complicated, the modern stool always impresses with its sometimes unusual shape, its disproportionate colours and its exceptional design. Made of copper, chrome-plated bronze, wood or polypropylene, choose your stool from Kare Click's selection of modern stools. On our website, you will find the ideal stool to decorate your dining table. You will also have the choice between several models of modern tinted stools or with baroque seats.

Industrial stool

The industrial stool is a four-legged seat without armrest and backrest. Ideal for furnishing the various rooms of your home, including your kitchen, this stool with its sober and rustic lacquered iron style will offer optimal comfort to your guests. Its black and white seat will greatly facilitate the care of this stool and allow you to combine it with a variety of colours. If you live in a loft or a fairly confined apartment, this industrial stool can perfectly ensure its practicality without interfering with your daily tasks. Of a reasonably medium size, this stool can be easily stored in a corner or under a table.

Fur stool

Practical, simple and at the same time stylish, this fur stool will take just the right place for occasional use in your home. Thanks to its frugal design, this stool will give a vintage look to your room. As light as any other stool of the same style, this stool will be very useful for your daily life, especially if you have children. Very easy to store, it simply slips under the table and can be moved at will for your festive evenings. What more could you ask for to bring a touch of friendliness to a modern interior? This fur stool is a must for both private individuals and professionals.

Padded pouffe

Because there are many ways to equip your home, there is always a place for a footstool in your living room or living room. The padded pouffe goes beyond the classic cushions, which often go unnoticed. It has all the necessary assets to deserve its place in a design and contemporary interior. You will love to decorate your room with this round padded pouffe. Its sober colour (grey) will allow you to adapt it to the rest of your decorative furniture. In addition, this pouffe is also a practical storage device for your small items such as books, magazines, plaid, etc.

Yellow pouffe

Once relegated to the place of the simple footrest, the pouffe now occupies an important place in the interior decoration of modern houses. If you don't have a footstool in your living room yet, now is the perfect time to buy one. Choosing this yellow braided pouffe from Kare Click means adopting baroque design in your living room. This footstool with its somewhat original design is accessible to everyone and is also very easy to adapt with the rest of your decorative furniture. If you are also a great fan of minimalist decorative objects, this yellow braided pouffe will look very discreet in a corner of your home.

Grey pouffe

Grey is a very easy colour to handle. It blends perfectly with all the other colours, from the brightest to the darkest. Nostalgic people of the 1950s will certainly appreciate this grey cushioned pouffe in a round format that undeniably recalls the height of black and white in interior designs. Whether you need a footrest, a seat, a designer floor cushion or a side table, this grey pouffe will also be a decorative object in its own right in your home. It is also the ideal furniture to equip an apartment or a minimalist house. The purity and roundness of the lines of this grey stool will add value to your interior.

Ethnic pouffe

Discover on Kare Click, an exceptional collection of cheap ethnic pouffes to decorate your interior in a different way. This ethnic pouffe with its sober colours, dressed in a traditional souk, goes well with all interior styles. You can choose it to relax after a hard day's work, use it as a footrest or adopt it as a real decorative object in its own right in your home. Its ultra-comfortable seat will allow you to enjoy every moment of relaxation with your family or alone.

Vintage pouffe

Pay tribute to retro style with this brown vintage footstool from Kare Click. Choose to decorate your living room with this very bold representation of the classic pouffe by its very precise rectangular format. Its rustic appearance does not detract from its flexibility and its softness will allow you to use and abuse it according to your desires. This vintage footstool can go on for years before you get tired of it. Beanbags have the art of travelling through time without losing their fun and functional aspect in any way.

Modern pouffe

The footstool is back in fashion. It's time to equip your home with a modern footstool that will bring a touch of originality to each of your rooms. In your children's room, this modern Kare Click pouffe will serve as both a practical and fun seat when they receive friends at home. In your living room, it will have an exceptional decorative effect that will not leave your guests indifferent. In addition, this baroque design footstool will also be a reference addition to your design furniture.

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