Cushions & Blankets

Add a decorative touch to your living room with the trendy cushions and plaids from Kare Click. A selection of cushions and plaids with a contemporary design that will give a warm touch to your interior.

Bring a touch of colour to your living room or bedroom with our selection of cushions and plaids with floral, abstract or ethnic motifs, in the shape of animals, fruits, plants... but also cushions with printed motifs, of all colours, all sizes (square, rectangular, round), and in all types of materials: animal skins, synthetic, cotton, polyester, linen, wool... Our selection of cushions will bring a touch of imagination and softness to your interior.

Cushions and plaids to decorate

Cushions and plaids are both useful and decorative accessories that allow you to add comfort and aesthetics to your interior. Delicately and harmoniously placed on the sofa in your living room or on your bedroom bed, they bring relief and give a cosy aspect to a living room, thanks to this play of superimpositions and colours, as well as the delicacy of the fabrics used which give them maximum softness.

If your interior design is sober and refined, opt for cushions with bright and colourful colours to bring a touch of fantasy and eccentricity to your space. On the contrary, if you already have a funky interior, add contrast and depth by choosing cushions with more subtle colours. For Scandinavian-style interiors, we recommend that you fall for the fake fur cushions in which you will want to snuggle up on long winter evenings. In any case, don't hesitate to mix styles and colours to boost the overall look of your room and, above all, don't hesitate to reverse the styles between the general atmosphere of your room and the small accessories that you will associate with the colour of your walls and the style of your furniture. Varying the colours, styles and shapes will give your interior design an impression of depth. There is nothing worse than symmetry in interior design. It is relatively important to break codes and standards to personalize your living space. Nevertheless, the whole must remain harmonious, and it is sometimes there that the bât hurts, in this constant search for balance between, on the one hand, a heterogeneous universe overloaded with colours, materials, styles, decorative elements... which gives life and, on the other hand, a totally homogeneous, minimalist atmosphere, which unfolds in dull shades, pastel tones, smooth and dull character.... So use good taste and common sense and everything will be fine.

Cushions and blankets: two interchangeable decoration accessories

Are you changing the decoration in your living room or bedroom? Don't panic! Don't panic! At best, you can keep your cushions and blankets if they fit your new style. At worst, you can change it to customize your room to your taste. Ideally, all you need to do is change the covers to save money. In any case, our selection of cushions and plaids allows you to accessorize your interior design at low prices and without ruining yourself. Then enjoy it!