Because a design vase can dress an entire room with its charm, we make it a point of honour to punctuate our collections with original and surprising models. Our vases are designed to embellish your floral arrangements and also to decorate your interior.

Design vase

The vase, more than a simple decorative accessory, it also embellishes your interior with the freshness of your garden by hosting your most beautiful petals. With this decorative vase with a contemporary design, you will embellish your interior in a very original way. Impossible to miss this design vase this season at home. Arranged alone or with others, with or without flowers, in your room, this vase will be a remarkable object in your home. The design vase is the current trend that you must adopt for its particular charm and also for the taste of the collection. A vase at home is a real power of seduction for the trendy decoration lovers.

Vintage vase

When it comes to home decor, the vase always holds a prominent place in any style. The vintage vase is coming back this year in force as the must-have of the very current trends. Sometimes neglected in a corner of the house, the vase now hosts flowers of all kinds, all colors, fresh or dried. It all depends on your style, but the power of flowers always shines through the design of a vintage vase. This decorative item is also making a comeback in our home decor stores, with the vintage touch that is popular in all interiors today. This vintage vase will look great in any room of your home and will easily blend with any style.

Retro Vase

Incorporate the art of geometry into your home decor with this Kare Design Green Art Vase. More than a simple vase that will serve as a pot for your indoor flowers, this retro style vase will flood your home with an exceptional touch of originality. Its purple color and sophisticated look will perfectly complement an old style interior design. A little difficult to match with other colors, its lilac hue will inspire many forms of accessories: pink, fuchsia, black, pearly or nude. More than a simple vase, it will enhance your beautiful floral arrangements. Better yet, you can simply display it without a bouquet or combine it with a bunch of other vases in a row or on a coffee table.

Ceramic Vase

Because we know you never miss your weekly appointment at the local florist to find the prettiest bouquet of flowers, we've put together this lovely ceramic vase to hold it. Easy to adopt as a decorative object, this vase invites itself in your interior to bring an added value to your ornamental compositions. Moreover, this ceramic vase has the particularity of being easily integrated in all styles. Its already impressive size allows you to use it as a decorative object in its own right. This bottle-like vase is the perfect accessory to decorate your dining table, buffet or even a very discreet corner of the house.

White vase

White, the color of purity par excellence, is reflected in its most beautiful version through this white cabeza vase from Kare. If you are one of those who prefer to adopt a simple and uncluttered style in your home, this vase is perfect for you. Small in size, this vase will give a luxurious look to your floral combinations. For those who want to add a trendy touch to their home, this white vase is deliberately recommended to match any style. Placed alone in the middle of a coffee table with or without flowers, or lined up with other vases of the same style to adorn a sideboard, this white vase will bend to your every wish.

Silver vase

Classic, luxurious or offbeat, Kare Design has the vase you need to fulfill your desire to have an exceptional decorative object in your home. Find easily your silver vase among this great collection of design and original vases that we offer. Medium, small or large, round, oval or bottle shaped, our collection of silver vases will certainly delight you. Whatever your style, you will easily find the silver vase you need in this set. In porcelain, ceramic, glass or aluminum, you can choose between decorative vases or vases to decorate your plants and flowers.

Blue Vase

Why not add a decorative touch of blue to the "blue dream" you sing every morning with this marvelous blue vase from Kare? Its contemporary shape, its blue sky and sea look and its promotional price will surely convince you to include this vase in your decorating budget this year. Discover our unique selection of turquoise blue vase to bring a fresh touch to your home. Combined with a white and blue decorative style, this vase will certainly find its place in all your rooms.

Gold vase

Are you particularly attracted to shiny objects? You'll love this Feathers vase. Better than a simple vase to hold your plants and flowers, this golden feather vase will bring a touch of intense luminosity to your home. Thanks to its medium wide opening, this vase will be perfect to display your multicolored flowers or your dried flowers, for a more refined decoration. For a special touch of eccentricity, you can also place a small LED lamp inside this vase to get a very charming gold reflection.