Discover our selection of designer and contemporary mirrors from the furniture brand KARE Design. Essential in interior decoration, an original mirror brightens up the room and also offers you the possibility to bring out your personality. Our Kare Click shop offers you KARE design mirrors to hang or stand on that will give pep to your interior!

Mirror on stand

Because it is impossible for you to wake up in the morning without asking the famous question to your mirror, we have thought of you by creating not a "mirror" but a real "beauty revealer". This Kare Frame Silver Floor Mirror will give you an overview of your outfit. Its sleek design and silver color will bring a touch of friendliness to your room. Combined with a baroque or vintage style of decoration, this mirror will enhance your room with a touch of old-fashioned perfection. You will see the reflection of your beauty as well as that of your own interior. Place it in your bedroom, bathroom or even in a dressing room to get the most out of it.

Sun mirror

Are you looking for an original decorative mirror? Kare offers you this Sunburst Doré mirror, a unique model that you will not find anywhere else. Exceptionally bright thanks to its gold-tinted rim and its wonderfully ribbed frame to reflect the sun's rays, this mirror will bring a touch of originality to your interior. Ideal for a modern and sophisticated style of decoration, this mirror in the shape of a golden sun will illuminate your interior. Every time you pass in front of this beautiful mirror, you will become more beautiful. Not only because of your natural beauty, but also because of the brilliance of this mirror that really stands out from the ordinary. With a particularly sophisticated design, this mirror is an essential accessory to assert your style with your guests.

Baroque mirror

Stand out from the crowd and adopt a unique style in your interior design. This is possible with this baroque Italian mirror from Kare. Its imposing setting gives it a romantic look, typical of the old decorations that embellished the castles. Its grey colour gives it the class you need in your design interior. Whether you are a queen in search of power or a princess in search of her prince charming, this mirror will allow you to both beautify your home and create beauty for yourself at any time. If you also like modest and discreet accessories in your home, you will love this mirror with its sober lines inspired by the baroque style. Luxury at your fingertips, this mirror will perfectly match any style of dressing. You can even use it to cover an entire wall.

Vintage mirror

What can be missing from your interior to get a decoration that perfectly matches your image? A mirror maybe? Why not give yourself this Pure Shape mirror from Kare Design to change your decor. Discreet, simple and refined, this mirror is the most elementary thing that can be found in your home. Do you rarely use a mirror? It will be able to be discreetly hung in a corner of your house. Do you often hurry past the ice to check your mine? It will reflect the essence of what is to be seen on your face. You find the mirror useful and not essential, this small mirror of old style will certainly do the trick.

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