Discover our selection of designer and contemporary mirrors from the furniture brand KARE Design. Essential in interior decoration, an original mirror brightens up the room and also offers you the possibility to bring out your personality. Our Kare Click shop offers you KARE design mirrors to hang or stand on that will give pep to your interior!

Standing mirror

Because you can't wake up in the morning without asking the famous question to your mirror, we thought of you by creating not a "mirror" but a real "beauty revealer". This Frame Silver mirror from Kare will allow you to have an overview of your outfit. Its sleek design and silver color will bring a touch of friendliness to your room. Combined with a baroque or vintage decorating style, this mirror will add a touch of old-fashioned perfection to your room. You will see the reflection of your beauty as well as that of your interior itself. Place it in your bedroom, bathroom or even in a dressing room to make the most of it.

Sunshine mirror

Looking for an original decorative mirror? Kare offers you this Sunburst Doré mirror, a unique model that you won't find elsewhere. With an exceptional shine thanks to its gold-tinted edge and its wonderfully streaked frame to reflect the sun's rays, this mirror will bring a touch of originality to your home. Ideal for a modern and sophisticated decorating style, this golden sunburst mirror will brighten up your home. Every time you walk past this beautiful mirror, you'll look even better. Not only because of your natural beauty, but also because of the shine of this mirror that is truly out of the ordinary. With a particularly sophisticated design, this mirror is a must-have accessory to make a style statement to your guests.

Baroque mirror

Step out of the ordinary and adopt a unique style in your interior design. It's all possible with this Royal Residence mirror. Its imposing frame gives it a romantic allure, typical of the ancient decorations that embellished castles. Its gray color gives it the class you need in your design interior. Whether you are a queen in search of power or a princess looking for her prince charming, this mirror will allow you to embellish your interior and create beauty at any time. If you also like modest and discreet accessories in your home, you will love this mirror with its sober features inspired by the baroque style. Luxury at your fingertips, this mirror will blend perfectly with any style of dressing. You can even use it to dress up an entire wall.