TV board

Discover the design TV furnitureScandinavian, vintage, industrial or modern KARE design furniture. TV furniture is now a must-have item of modern furniture. So, to brighten up your interior and make your living room unique, the Kare brand has been pleased to create dozens of TV stands with styles and eclectic styles. This category should bring you many decorating ideas.

Scandinavian TV stand

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has come back in force. If you too love the clean lines and soft colors of the North, you'll love our Soleil and Modena TV stands. Because they are made of beautiful, light-colored wood, their simple and sober design makes them easy to integrate into any decorating style.

Contemporary TV stand

Do you love flipping through the pages of decorating magazines? If you want to add a designer touch to your home, our TV stands are exactly what you're looking for. With our furniture in original shapes and materials, you'll feel like you're living in acontemporary art museum or in a luxury hotel decorated by a famous designer.

Industrial TV furniture

Do you like furniture that is out of the ordinary? Do you love objects that are diverted from their primary function to become decorative elements? If your heart beats for industrial workshops, you will fall in love with our TV stands. With its perfect marriage between metal and glass, its rivets and metal wheels, the TV stand from our Factory collection is certainly just what you've been dreaming of!

Modern TV stand

For those who want a stylish and trendy TV stand without taking too many risks, we have the perfect furniture! If you want your furniture to simply be there to highlight the style of your living room without stealing the spotlight from your other decorating elements, we offer you sober and elegant furniture.

Wooden TV stand

Wood is certainly one of the noblest materials for building furniture. Because it is robust and alive, at Kare we like to create wooden elements that can give your interior a touch of authenticity and a warm note. If you are looking for a beautiful wooden TV stand, we recommend our Brooklyn model made of exotic lacquered Sheesham wood.

Ethnic TV stand

Are you fascinated by ancient civilizations, travel and exotic cultures? In that case you probably want to surround yourself with objects that invite exploration and breathe mystery. We have the right TV sets to complete your ethnic decoration! With its carved wood front, the Puro TV stand creates a zen atmosphere.