Find the most beautiful design benches and decorative chests from the contemporary furniture brand Kare Design. These benches will allow you to furnish your interior and why not share moments with friends or family. Many models are available and will fit perfectly into your decor. From vintage to modern, there is something for everyone!

Rustic bench

As a lover of the rustic style, you like authentic pieces that remind you of the times when Man created his furniture with his hands, without the help of technology. For a convivial atmosphere around your table in your chalet or your mountain residence, we offer you models with raw materials. Our Country Life bench with its goat skin seat will give a wild air to your interior.

Industrial bench

If you have a soft spot for old factories, industrial benches are perfect for you. Our Railway model, which combines a recycled wood plank with restored railroad parts, will create a modern-day atmosphere in your home.

Vintage Bench

Our Gabby Gym Bench is a take on the old pommel horse with a leather seat and steel legs. It will not fail to entertain your guests while creating a masculine atmosphere.

Elegant bench

Elegance is certainly not innate but it is easily born through the choice of chic furniture arranged in every room of the house. Opt for a Wing, with ornate wooden legs and a velvet touch seat, to beautify your bedroom. Set at the foot of the bed, our City Spirit bench allows you to sit down to take off your shoes or apply your night cream and then put your pillows and plaids away before going to bed.

Wooden bench

The first choice for large families, our wooden benches are less messy and easier to maintain. They can be placed around a table to create a friendly atmosphere reminiscent of a picnic. We revisit the codes and propose the Brooklyn bench for the contemporary style lovers and the Puro bench with light wood and patterns which is part of an ethnic aesthetic.

Fabric bench

We offer a wide range of soft fabric benches to place in your entrance or your room. You will love the fabric models for their soft touch and their varied colors and patterns. From yellow to silver gray, from patchwork to romantic floral patterns, you're bound to find the model that suits you.