Floor Lamps

Both luminaires and real decorative objects, street lamps are an excellent way to add a touch of originality to your room. A street lamp can be a strong light source that allows you to read and work under good light such as the Work Station street lamp or simply ambient lighting that provides dimmed light such as the Sultan street lamp.

If you have a spacious living room or bedroom, do not hesitate to offer yourself a floor lamp with a large volume that will dress your space with great elegance. The amateurs of the retro style will undoubtedly fall for a lamp post with rounded shapes, characteristic of the seventies. Lovers of industrial decoration, on the other hand, will prefer the inimitable charm of lamps that use the codes of movie projectors.

Design floor lamp

A floor lamp brings more intense and precise light to a pre-selected area in your rooms. Because we know that you have set up a reading area in your living room, we offer a selection of designer floor lamps. Our catalogue of street lamps offers you a wide choice of designer street lamps to suit all tastes and budgets. From the most sober to the most sophisticated, there is certainly a floor lamp that matches your style on our site. For an elegant, refined, design, retro or contemporary interior, we offer designer lamps by the world's greatest designers.

Wooden floor lamp

You want to give style to your rooms with a wooden floor lamp. We have selected this floor lamp Nature Straight for you. This unique piece, combining a floated wooden base with a black fabric shade, will provide much more than just lighting in your living room. It will bring an exceptional atmosphere while adding style to your entire decor. In addition, this wooden floor lamp is easy to integrate into the rest of your furniture. You can choose a wood stain that matches your furniture. This accessory can also be used in other rooms of your home such as the parental bedroom.

Design living room floor lamp

You need a luminaire that can properly illuminate your large living room. Choose a designer living room lamp from Kare. Our selection of designer street lamps offers intense brightness in all your rooms. We offer a wide choice of designer street lamps to help you integrate intense light that also enhances your decoration. You will find different types of designer street lamps on our website: illuminated street lamps, with lampshades or adjustable models. Whatever the type of lighting you are looking for, Kare offers a selection of designer street lamps to suit your taste and budget.

Original floor lamp

Because we know that originality is paramount in your interior design style, we have chosen this very stylish Balloon Clear Square floor lamp for you. Its rectangular shape and black chrome steel finish is worthy of the most contemporary homes like yours. Thanks to the luminosity reflected by the five globes that make up this street lamp, you will have the ideal luminous intensity for your night readings. To obtain a personalized and warm atmosphere in your rooms, simply choose original LED bulbs. The balanced lines of this unique piece will add a touch of originality to your interior.

White floor lamp

Elegance is a key word to guide your choice of interior design accessories. This is also the case when choosing a street lamp that will serve as both a light source and a decorative object in your rooms. With this Five Fingers Parecchi floor lamp, you will have the ideal lighting in your office or next to your favorite chair. Ideal for evening readings or to watch a movie without disturbing others, this white floor lamp has a natural oak wood arm and a powder-coated steel shade. With a perfectly adjustable height, this accessory will allow you to illuminate a specific area according to your needs.

Retro floor lamp

Do you want to integrate warm lighting into your main rooms such as the living room or bedroom? Why not choose this chic retro golden floor lamp from Kare? The baroque style brought by this golden pipe floor lamp will bring the touch of elegance that is missing in your interior. This accessory is also part of a retro atmosphere worthy of the 90s, where aesthetics always took precedence over the practicality of light sources. In addition to adding value to your interior, this retro floor lamp will also play its lighting role regardless of the room in which you install it. This floor lamp also impresses with its unique design.

Contemporary floor lamp

Because the floor lamp is an integral part of your interior design style, you must choose one that exactly matches your interior design. For a modern interior, this flexible contemporary Berry 5 arm contemporary floor lamp is perfect. The softness of its colour and the pure lines of its lampshades will certainly make you happy in a "nude" interior. This designer floor lamp is a perfect accessory to bring a particular lighting in your room. In addition, its modern but sober design will suit most interior design tastes. In addition, this model also exists in brown version and with green and yellow tones for a more daring look.

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