Chandelier & Suspension Lighting

What could be better than a beautiful suspension to add a touch of sophistication to a room? Because we believe that nothing is too beautiful for your home, we do our best to imagine incredible ceiling lights, chandeliers and suspensions for all styles of decoration.

Are you looking for a design suspension with geometric shapes made of glass and metal to contrast with your old parquet floor? Do you dream of a bourgeois and glamorous chandelier that will give your loft a luxurious touch? No doubt, you've come to the right place!

Design chandelier

An interior luminaire adds value to your interior design. Hanging from your ceiling, this equipment is both practical and aesthetic. In its raw state, a luminaire adds an original touch to your rooms while it provides exceptional brightness once activated. To make your interior shine with a thousand lights, day and night, we offer you a wide choice of chandeliers, from the most stylish to the most contemporary. Our lighting catalogue offers products from leading brands. There is certainly a design chandelier that matches your tastes and budget on our site.

Modern chandelier

Because we know that that your interior deserves the most beautiful lighting, we offer this set of multicoloured Parecchi lampshades. This luminaire is available in several colours to illuminate your dining room or office in a different way. Black and white will bring a vintage touch to your already soft interior, while the multicoloured miniature lampshades suspended from the ceiling of your conference room will impress your staff. Moreover, this type of luminaire easily matches all the other furniture in your home, whether it is made of wood or wrought iron.

Industrial chandelier

You are looking for a simple but elegant light fixture. We have what you need: an atypical Spider chandelier with six independent branches to give your living room an industrial look. For a stylish interior, with small touches of more elaborate accessories, this industrial chandelier is very fashionable in modern buildings. This selection of suspended lighting will largely satisfy your most demanding decorative desires. These multiple branches will bring optimal brightness to your room. Its industrial style will also dominate its overall colour. This luminaire will enhance your interior without occupying the entire space.

Baroque chandelier

This chandelier with its baroque design by Giorgio Cavallo will give you an imperial look to your interior. The choice of this material characterizes an exceptional personality. You want a luminaire that stands out from the crowd, this designer chandelier stands out for its technology and its carefully crafted glass hangers. Since the bulbs are not included, you only need to choose original LED bulbs to bring out all the qualities of this designer ceiling lamp. With its acrylic finish, originality and modernity, you will move from a classic interior to a contemporary decoration that will not go unnoticed.

Suspension chandelier

Because we know that you are constantly looking for refined lighting accessories that will bring quality lighting to your interior, we offer you a wide selection of original pendant chandeliers. Developed by the most famous designers of designer chandeliers, each chandelier offered in our catalogue is of exceptional quality. Let yourself be tempted by one of our designer chandeliers for a romantic, classic, elegant or refined interior. We have different models to suit all tastes and budgets.

Oriental chandelier

A chandelier or ceiling light is an essential accessory that allows you to create an original light source in all your rooms. This black oriental Swing Iron chandelier in black lacquered black iron will perfectly decorate your kitchen and living room. This type of iron suspension has the advantage of bringing a warm atmosphere to your home. The shape of its lamp inspired by oriental design will also create pretty light effects in your rooms. And if you choose to hang this luminaire at a significant height from your ceiling, you will be able to highlight its exceptional design. To complete your interior design, you can simply combine it with other warm and shimmering colours.

Contemporary chandelier

Crack for our contemporary chandeliers, let yourself be seduced by our selection of designer suspensions for an interior that really stands out from the crowd. You will certainly find a contemporary chandelier that perfectly matches your decorative desires in our catalogue. Whether you have a classic, romantic or elegant interior, our contemporary chandelier models are supplied by the leading brands of high-end chandelier manufacturers. To satisfy the most demanding interior decorators, we offer designer chandeliers adapted to all spaces: living room, kitchen, dining room, conference room, office, etc.

Suspended luminaire

A pendant luminaire is usually placed in the middle of a room to remain clearly visible and dominate the decorative style of the room. It is obvious that in addition to being an exceptional light source, a suspended luminaire is an integral part of the decoration of your living spaces. For a stylish and original interior, we offer decorative and design suspensions of different types, shapes and materials. The most demanding will find suspensions with a very distinctive look like industrial suspensions. The less sophisticated will also have many options to choose from, such as vintage suspensions or models specially designed for children's rooms.

Industrial suspension

With this Big Bang Led industrial suspension, you will embellish your room in a very original way. Hanging from the ceiling of your dining room, kitchen or living room, this suspension will bring warmth and highlight the sensitivity of your decorative choice. Are you a great adventurer? This planispheric suspension will remind you of all the good times you've had in other countries and awaken your desire to travel without leaving your home. Its soft light will illuminate your evenings like a bright star that sparkles right next to the moon. Very authentic, this chandelier is perfect for an interior with a retro design.

Design suspension

Because we know that you need perfect light in your home, we offer you a wide range of designer suspensions. With our many suspension models, responding to all possible imaginations and designed by the world's leading lighting designers, your lighting will be an integral part of your decorative ensemble. Choose from our selection of contemporary or retro design suspensions, a set of lights that bring a touch of originality to your interior.

Modern suspension

Do you have a very modern interior? This Multi Speaker suspension is as sophisticated as it is designed and made for you. Very imposing in size and shape, this modern suspension made up of 10 matt black metal arms will undoubtedly constitute an important part of your interior decoration. Thanks to its multiple but sober shades, you will have the advantage of decorating it with other equally complicated accessories. This modern suspension will be the perfect masterpiece of your decoration that will surprise your guests.

Original suspension

If, like the world's greatest decorators, you are looking for the touch of originality that is missing in your interior, we have selected for you this original suspension that will completely change your living spaces. With this Kare Design Coloured Brass Chips suspension, you will obtain an original and elegant interior. Thanks to its golden structure and blue mineral chips, this suspension will bring a chic bohemian touch to your pieces. This extraordinary luminaire brings exceptional light to your home. It will illuminate and sublimate your interior in order to bring an exceptional atmosphere to it.

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