We select for you new beds. Find baroque, ethnic and contemporary beds that will make your room unique and pleasant to live in. The bed is the essential element of your room, so do not neglect its design, but also its comfort.

Ethnic bed

If you feel like having an exotic bedroom with exotic notes? Why not choose a bed with an ethnic style? Whether you are passionate about Asian craftsmanship or African tribal art, at Kare we create beds that will transform your room into an ethnic museum. Our Puro model, for example, will give your room an oriental feel.

Baroque bed

For us, there is no doubt that the best choice for a baroque room is our Desire bed. Its upholstered fabric and curved wooden legs will surely seduce you. The range also includes an armchair, sofa and footstool to match your furniture and create a room worthy of a presidential suite.

Classic bed

As much as we love quirky and original interiors, at Kare we know that there is no substitute for the elegance of simple, classic furniture. If you're looking for a bed with a conventional yet sophisticated shape, we've got just what you need. Indeed, our Authentico model, entirely made of exotic Sheesham wood, will delight you with its minimalism.

Scandinavian bed

More and more trendy, the Scandinavian decoration invites itself now in the bedroom. If you want to transform your bedroom into a cocoon like our friends in northern Europe do so well, you must choose a bed in keeping with this popular style. For us, there is no doubt that our Szenario bed will be a perfect match for your Scandinavian decor. Its soft color and its upholstered headboard are a call to relaxation and cocooning.

Zen bed

Have you always dreamed of having a Zen bedroom, a space totally dedicated to relaxation? It's never too late to take the plunge! Clear your mind and get rid of all the things that don't bring positive energy into your room. Then, decorate it with simple and elegant items that can soothe you after your long days. Finally, treat yourself to a comfortable bed like our East Side bed.