Whether you want to enhance your period parquet floor or dress your concrete floor, carpets are your allies to create a warm atmosphere. With long or short-haired, coloured or monotonous, rectangular or circular, we create original carpets for all universes: cowhide for nature lovers, patchwork collage for lovers of pop colours and printed in arabesques for those fond of exoticism.

Designer rugs

A design carpet has a special place in a contemporary interior. It brings style and cachet to an apartment or a house. Choosing a designer rug allows you to highlight the beauty and value of a specific decorative element or to enhance and energize the aesthetics of a room with a sober and minimalist decoration. Kare offers you a a wide range of design rugs to suit all tastes. You will surely find a model that will suit your living room, your dining room, your bedroom or even your office, among our wide variety of rugs.

Multicolored rugs

Because we know that you like to bring joy and happiness to your home, we have chosen for you this multicolor ruge from Kare. Ideal for brightening up a soft interior devoid of color, this rug will fill your living space with wonder and vitality thanks to its mosaic of bright colors that will delight the whole family. With this rainbow colored rug, a dull day can quickly become bright.

Contemporary rug

The contemporary style rug is popular with all interior designers. In addition to bringing friendliness to each room it covers, a modern rug can enhance an interior, whether it is sleek or trendy. It is an object of decoration in its own right, which saw its first hours of glory during the 19th century in England. Today, many luxurious homes are opting for this handmade product as a change from the classic and traditional rugs. This new type of carpet allows you to personalize your interior decoration in a timeless way. It is a safe bet, whether it is plain, patterned, wool, polypropylene ... These are robust and resistant carpets, easy to maintain.

Square carpet

You like to play with patterns and geometric shapes in your interior design? Vary the shapes and opt for originality with our selection of square-shaped rugs for your entrance hall, living room or dining room. This carpet model is really out of the ordinary to bring a touch of exception to your interior design. With its identical dimensions on each side, the square carpet allows the highlighting of a specific element by breaking not only the dissymmetry or the unstructured aspect of a room but also by accentuating the focal points.

Animal skin rug

If you are looking for a modern and stylish rug, this brown cowhide rug is for you. Its dark color allows you to decorate your interior design with a touch of sobriety that is both classic and elegant. Moreover, brown has the advantage of being easily combined with wood but it also adapts to all other styles of furniture, wrought iron or glass. With this rug made of animal skin, your interior will be magnified. The other outstanding quality of this rug is that it is very easy to maintain. To remove crumbs and dust, a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush will be enough. Moreover, the softness of this carpet will make you want to walk on it barefoot.

Original carpet

The originality of an interior decoration is spotted in the choice of important details. The carpet plays both a practical and aesthetic role in your interior. It draws a well defined living space. Placed possibly under a coffee table, it constitutes a decorative element in its own right in a room. To bring originality to a soft interior, you can opt for an original carpet from Kare. From what history tells us about the classic rug, today's rug retains the essence by adding a touch of originality that is reflected through various patterns, designs and shapes. From rugs made of natural fibers to those made of plant fibers, not to mention those made of synthetic fibers, there is definitely a rug made for you at Kare.

Vintage rugs

A vintage decoration is a modern style, updated, but with a touch of nostalgia, which allows you to dress your home in a design way, with class, glamour, chic and originality. You absolutely must have this powder pink carpet Kelim Ornament by Kare. This modern rug stands out for its specific characteristics, its nude color that fits all interior styles and its elegant and refined side that gives it an aged and classic look. Made of cotton and polyester, this carpet model will delight lovers of the retro look that is reflected in its faded colors and patterns. Looking for the perfect rug that will make a difference in your home? Kare Design is the store that offers you furniture and decoration accessories that you won't find anywhere else, unique pieces that are sure to enhance your home.