Discover the many storage boxes, baskets and designer jewelry boxes of the Kare brand, real functional decorative objects. With a refined and contemporary look, the object boxes or jewelry boxes will fit perfectly into your interior, with style and design.

Do you know the English expression "Think outside the box" which means to think differently, to be creative, to detach oneself from conventions? At Kare, we apply exactly this principle to offer you object boxes, storage boxes and designer jewelry boxes. We believe that storage boxes not only have a functional appearance but also an aesthetic function. They must perfectly match your interior design, complete it and give it an additional, neat and creative decorative touch, that little extra that will make the difference to complete your interior design.

Original jewelry boxes

Keep your jewellery in a precious designer box, with a neat, trendy look, both discreet and flashy depending on the model. In porcelain, earthenware, glass or polyresin, we offer you a wide choice of jewelry boxes, according to your taste. You can not only store all your jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings...) but also store them on a piece of furniture such as a dressing table, bedside table, desk, dresser or buffet to perfect the decoration of your room, whether it is a lounge, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom.

Whether you are looking for a jewelry box to store your jewellery in your room, or a model for your business trips or when you are on the move, Kare offers you a multitude of jewelry boxes ranging from the most discreet to the most luxurious. We even have box models adapted to men's wear, ideal for storing your watches, toilet accessories...

100% stylish and refined storage boxes

Are you looking for storage boxes that have style to enhance your interior? At Kare, we also offer you a rich collection of ultra-designed and sophisticated storage boxes or baskets to protect from the various futile and unsightly trinkets that hang around a house such as tissues, linens, clothes, food products (tea, coffee beans, spice pots...), keys, paper, envelopes... but you can also use these boxes as a vase to place beautiful flowers. Beyond their functional nature, our boxes are also and above all aesthetic. You can choose them according to:

  • their styles Ethnic, Oriental, Contemporary, Baroque, Industrial....,

  • their reasons Geometric or animal: geometric or animal,

  • their materials: braided, ceramic, cotton, porcelain...

  • their colours: white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, black, white...