Appreciated for their functionality, ashtrays have now become real decorative objects. To make your interior look like you, we have created floor-standing ashtrays that reflect the vintage design of the 1970s and also ashtrays with a modern look that can also be used as storage compartments.

Ashtray on stand

Much more than just a simple decoration accessory for smokers, this modern golden contrast ashtray from Kare will illuminate your home in a very original way. This first choice decorative object is a masterpiece that deserves its place in the heart of a living room pleasantly decorated with style. Whether you are a smoker or not, whether you regularly receive guests who smoke or not, this modern golden floorstanding ashtray will add a touch of style to your home. You don't need to be an introverted cigarette fan to realize the sure value that this pretty ashtray will add to a stylish interior. Have you been looking for an original ashtray to accessorize your furniture with taste for a long time? Choose this modern golden ashtray which will contrast wonderfully with the rest of your decorative objects. In addition, gold is a trend that is particularly integrated into the interior design of the year. This colour can almost blend into a soft and classic interior. But this golden ashtray will also bring brightness to a contemporary design interior. In addition, your smoking guests will not have to bend their backs to place their cigarettes. This modern golden ashtray is the perfect accessory for a stylish interior.

Design ashtray

Long considered as a practical and functional accessory, the ashtray is nowadays an essential decorative object to obtain a designer interior. Among a wide choice of ashtrays available on the market, Kare offers you an exceptional range of designer ashtrays to suit all tastes. Because we know that you want to reflect your personality through the choice of your smallest decorative objects, we have selected for you an incalculable number of design ashtrays. Varied colours, reference patterns, free-standing ashtrays, minimalist models, you have an infinite choice of ashtrays in our catalogue. You will easily find an outdoor ashtray that you can carefully place on your terrace or garden table. We also have a wide selection of pocket models that you can easily take to the office if you are a demanding smoker. All possible ashtray styles are available at Kare: from baroque to glamorous, from seaside to vintage. You will certainly find a contemporary ashtray that matches the overall style of your room among our large selection.

Original ashtray

Because we know that smoking is an art for you, we have selected this silver Soho ashtray for you. In a minimalist apartment, this original ashtray will find its rightful place. Its round shape will allow you to place it on a side table, a coffee table or even a sideboard. You can buy this pretty ashtray with a relief look at Kare for a very reasonable price. Enough to make your interior look good without ruining yourself. Choose this original ashtray to satisfy both your desire to smoke and decorate your home in an original way. This silver ashtray is even lighter, easy to handle and transport to any room in your home. An exceptional ashtray that you can easily combine with other decorative objects such as pop paintings, wallpaper, the colour of your walls or ceilings or even your streetlights. If you are a fan of the "nude" style, this original silver ashtray is made for you. For those who are passionate about design decoration, with a sexy tendency, this modern aluminium ashtray will make the difference in your interior.

Ashtray ball

Are you a billiard player? This ashtray in the shape of a silver billiard ball marked with the number 8 is perfect for you. If you can't play with it on your favorite pool table, this ashtray will allow you to remember all the magical moments you spent with your friends in your favorite club. Are you an avid smoker as well? You certainly need this ashtray more than anyone else. You absolutely must have this 8 chrome billiard ashtray from Kare to properly dress your design interior. With its black and white look, this billiard ball ashtray will fit perfectly into any interior design style. Whether you have a weakness for the vintage look or are a fan of Scandinavian design, this billiard ball ashtray will be the most remarkable decorative accessory in your room. Even non-smokers will find your decorative pool ball very original. And if, in addition, the 8 is your lucky number, this ashtray will be much more than just a functional or decorative object in your home. You will even make it a reference embellishment accessory.

Table ashtray

Need an unusual table ashtray? Kare offers this Spheric Chrome floor ashtray, a modern chrome-coloured ashtray. Made entirely of metal, this table ashtray will easily align with the rest of your interior furniture. Adjustable in height, it will allow you to bring a nice look to your living room. This chrome ashtray is also very light, you can move it as you wish in each room of your house. Moreover, as a decorative object, this ashtray won't take up much space in your home. Made of metals, this ashtray is as strong as it will also make a remarkable outdoor ashtray. This model of ashtray allows you to put all your smoking guests at ease by allowing them to smoke without letting their cigarette butts fall to the ground. In your interior, this ashtray is an excellent choice to play with the patterns of your overall design. Its chrome look will even allow you to combine it with more daring shades, bright colours or even geometric patterns. Choose this table ashtray to bring an original style to your home. If you are also a fan of simple shapes and natural tones, this model is perfect for you.