Absolute comfort for these designer relaxation chairs from the furniture brand Kare. Watch, choose and relax with these lounge loungers. This is the new trend in our interiors and Kare offers you unique models seen in the biggest TV shows. To rest or relax, the lounge lounge chair is the essential furniture!

Design lounge chair

You need a design lounge chair to perfect the exterior decoration of your terrace or to equip the surroundings of your swimming pool? Why not choose the quality and comfort of Kare sun loungers? We offer you a selection of the most beautiful sun loungers and designer deckchairs to furnish your terrace with quality furniture. Do you prefer aesthetics at the price of your outdoor furniture? We have selected for you some models of trendy garden deckchairs. Whether you have a weakness for plastic, canvas, wood or reinforced fabric chairs, our deckchair and hammock models are available in different colours and of high quality. In addition, we offer you a high resistance guarantee against bad weather and harmful sunlight.

Relaxed lounge chair

Because we know that you enjoy having a good time on your terrace, balcony or by the pool, we offer a wide choice of recliner models to suit all tastes. Superb models that offer you both the comfort but also the specific characteristics of outdoor furniture in terms of resistance to cold and humidity. Installed in your garden or spread around your swimming pool, our deckchair models are perfectly adapted to all styles of decor, for a perfect outdoor sunbathing experience. Our chairs provide incomparable comfort and their wide variety of design will satisfy even the most demanding.

Outdoor deckchair

Because your home deserves all the best in furniture and decoration, we have selected for you a wide range of deckchairs to enjoy your exterior and enhance it. Are you planning to equip your terrace with sun loungers to enjoy the sun's rays in summer? Choose a deckchair for outdoor use according to your needs and budget. Comfort and elegance are the key words that personalize all the products we have in stock. Deckchairs are the very heart of your outdoor décor, giving it a soothing and relaxing look. Often considered as a luxury furniture dedicated to comfort and idleness, the chaise longue is the embodiment of modern and contemporary style but some models in velvet or microfibre fabric will give a retro and vintage touch, Hollywood style, to your balcony or terrace. For Kare, you deserve the best for relaxing with family or friends. Choose the quality of the outdoor furniture and the aesthetics of our sun loungers with their trendy design for perfect your outdoor decoration.

Foldable chaise longue

Do you enjoy having a good time together by the pool in the summer? You need a folding chaise longue for your comfort. This type of chair is ideal for sunbathing after a few lengths in the pool. For this reason, we have chosen this model of Easy Summer deckchairs. A model available in two sets to please all lovers. Its timeless style will allow you to place it on your terrace, balcony or poolside all year round. This folding deckchair will even accompany you on all your travels, travels and holidays. It can be easily stored in the trunk of a carcan be folded and unfolded as many times as necessary to allow you to enjoy a special moment of relaxation. In addition, this deckchair will also bend to your every whim thanks to a adjustment on 4 notches. You will do much more than just sunbathing. You can read, take a nap or even take a photo pose.

Lounge lounge chair

If you are less a fan of the wooden outdoor furniturefor the interview he requests or for any other reason, this Cornwal lounge chairl de Kare will suit you perfectly. Its colour will suit contemporary minimalist interiors, including those with warm decorations, adding a touch of sobriety and sophistication. Its steel feet give it a high resistance and a easy maintenance. Sound sleek design is very well suited to a classic but elegant decorative style. We simply found you the lounge chair ideal to decorate your living room in a different way. In short, an exceptional room for a cosy apartment because it takes up little space, can be easily integrated into any decoration style and she can be combined with other furniture in the same range. Located next to a large bay window, this indoor deckchair will allow you to enjoy the landscape all day long.

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