Office chairs

Office chairs with a variety of looks, modern, classic or vintage. An office chair needs to be comfortable and if it can also be designed, it is perfect, especially for your interior design. Whether in a professional office or in your home office, these chairs will perfectly adapt to contemporary, classic or original (Scandinavian. Choose your style from the Kare Design collection and also find our equally original desks! With castors, swivel chairs, leather, fabric, with or without armrests, our chairs are well designed, solid, practical, and above all comfortable and aesthetic.

A good chair is the key to the comfort of an office. In addition to being ergonomic and practical, our office chairs all have unique styles. Whether you need a new chair for your professional or home office, you can choose from models in classic, vintage, modern or Scandinavian design. And for a harmonious room conducive to concentration, we recommend that you accompany your new chair with one of our magnificent desks.

Vintage office chair

Do you think you have to look back to the past to find the most inspiring decoration trends? Good news, at Kare we can't help but update the vintage lines and colours. Whether you want to set up your office as a time capsule, or simply arrange a few retro elements, we have what you need. Our vintage office chairs are sure to appeal to all lovers of the history of design.

Scandinavian office chair

You visualize your future office as a sleek and elegant room, designed to create a Zen atmosphere that will help you stay productive all day long? Then we have no doubt that a Scandinavian office chair should be particularly suitable for you. The sober lines and raw materials of this northern style will bring a touch of delicate sophistication to your office.

Designer office chair

Do you want your office to reflect your personality? Don't you think you're surrounded by the same furniture as everyone else? At Kare we believe that decoration should be a means of expression. That's why we create original designer furniture. If you are the type of person who likes unusual furniture, then you will most certainly fall under the spell of our designer office chairs.

Leather office chair

Are you looking for a comfortable office chair first and foremost? But you also want it to bring a touch of elegance to your room? Then leather office chairs are made for you. This noble material, used since time immemorial for its comfort and durability, will ensure you a perfect sitting position. And because leather is a living material, you can see the evolution of your seat over the years, and see that it is becoming more and more comfortable.

Modern office chair

For lovers of classic lines and sober colours, we have created many models of modern office chairs. These comfort elements will give your office a touch of discreet elegance. Perfectly designed, our modern office chairs will fit perfectly into any style of decoration. They will find their place in your professional office, as well as in your home.

Swivel office chair

For us, design must always be at the service of comfort. In the case of our office chairs we make sure to design elegant but also practical models in their daily use. Our swivel and wheeled chairs offer you perfect ergonomics. They will quickly become allies in your long hours of work.

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