Side & Bedside Tables

Because a side table is also a design object, KARE design side tables and bedside tables offer elegance and decoration in your living rooms. Whether in the living room or in your bedroom, you will certainly need a bedside table. It is an essential element in most rooms of the house. We offer you in this category many design and contemporary models that you can add to your decoration.

Animal side table

At Kare we are animal lovers. It therefore seems quite normal to us to want to decorate a room with furniture that evokes our little companions with fur, feathers and scales. If you also like animals and original furniture, we certainly have the right side tables for you. You will fall in love with the adorable face of our Dog Tableor you may fall under the spell of our feline version.

Modern bedside table

Bedside tables are both practical and decorative elements, and the choice should not be overlooked. Placed on either side of your bed, our elegant bedside tables will be ideal for refined interiors. With these fully mirror-covered facades, our Real Dream model will bring a touch of sophistication to your room.

Design side table

If you are fond of decoration and design, you are certainly looking for a unique side table. Good news, at Kare we know how to design furniture with a sharp design that fits perfectly with the trends of the moment. With its minimalist and geometric style, our Prisma will perfectly complement your decoration. Our Wire Ball modelwill seduce design enthusiasts with its tangle of steel wires.

Ethnic bedside table

Do you want to travel to your bedroom? To make it a place dedicated to escape? No doubt you will find your happiness by adopting our bedside tables with an ethnic look. Whether you prefer the delicate patterns carved in mango wood from our Puro bedside tablethe aesthetics of the Alhambra bedside tableyou will not miss out on a change of scenery.

Wooden side table

Noble material par excellence, wooden side tables bring a touch of authenticity to your interior, while being particularly robust. In a room, our Brooklyn Nature bedside table will create a natural and relaxing atmosphere. Ideal for the living room, our Attento Z side table perfectly combines the rusticity of wood with an atypical silhouette.

White bedside table

If you want to transform your room into a cosy place dedicated to relaxation, white will be your favourite colour. White bedside tables will reinforce this feeling of softness and lightness. Thanks to its delicately vintage style, our Romantic with its baroque touches to perfectly decorate your home.

Nested side tables

Ideal for small spaces, nested side tables are the perfect companion for lovers of convivial evenings. Totally modular, they can be adapted to suit your desires and needs. Lovers of the chic ethnic look will love our Marrakesh side tables.while those who love luxurious decoration will fall under the spell of our Limbo tables in marble.

Storage cubes

Do you like unusual furniture? So why not choose storage cubes to replace your side tables? They can be used as bedside tables, as a storage space for your shoes and even as a seat for children. With its colourful finishes and three built-in cubes, our Micado fits perfectly into warm interiors.


Are you looking for a new surface and do you like mobility? Then you will certainly love our services. These small tables on wheels are extremely practical as they can easily move from one room to another. With its sophisticated look and brass finishes, our Casino model will be the star of all your social events.

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