Discover the selection of wall and table clocks from the KARE decoration brand. Choose from our products in vintage, modern and industrial design.

Design clock

Because you like to have control over the time you have left in your day to do your main activities, Kare Click offers you to do it in the best conditions, by adding a design clock in your home. Thanks to the wide choice of designer wall clocks available on our site, you will manage your time with style and elegance. Whatever your style, there is a design clock model that suits you in our catalog. From the most sober to the most sophisticated, from the most discreet to the most remarkable, for a modern or vintage interior, the original wall clocks on our site will add value to your home.

Modern clock

Looking fora modern and original wall clock to decorate your interior in a different way? You've come to the right place! On our site, we have no shortage of trendy clock models, with highly manageable designs that blend in with all styles of interior design. To bring a romantic atmosphere to your most intimate rooms, treat yourself to a modern clock from Kare Click. A model that looks like you, that will add a poetic touch to your home and that will not lose its elegant lines over the years.

Decorative clock

If, like so many others, you like to take a look at your clock from time to time, just because it is simply original, treat yourself to a stylish and tasteful decorative clock from Kare Click. These design clocks that you will hang on your kitchen, living room or even bedroom walls. Original models that will bring a touch of elegance to your home and will not fail to surprise your guests. A decorative clock is also an essential accessory to enhance the value of your furniture, whatever your style.

Wall Clock

Choose your new wall clock from the wide range of wall clocks available on the Kare Click website. No matter what room you want to decorate with a clock, your interior design style or the furniture you own, there's sure to be a wall clock that suits you in the brand's extensive catalog. A wall clock hung on your bedroom wall will allow you to arrive on time for all your daily appointments. In your kitchen or living room, it will play a very special decorative role. At Kare Click, find the cheap wall clock that suits your taste.

Vintage and retro clocks

The charm of the past comes to your home with this vintage and retro clock from Kare Click. With these clocks hanging on the wall of your living room, bedroom or kitchen, you'll breathe in the air of time as if it were actually passing under your nose. The aged effect of the frames will remind you of your fondest childhood memories. This style of clock also fits perfectly with all decorative styles, including the most contemporary. Vintage and retro clocks also blend beautifully with all materials: wood or metal. Our collection of vintage and retro style wall clocks will bring you into the spirit of the times to add a touch of originality to your home decor.

Industrial clock

Because for you, a clock is not only used to indicate the time but is fully integrated into the interior decoration, we have selected this industrial clock that plunges you directly into the old days. You will find this clock on Kare Click with a whole range of other clocks in the air of time.

Table clock

In addition to telling the time, clocks are also decorative essentials to bring a touch of originality to your home. This table clock from Kare brings a warm atmosphere to your room. In the kitchen, you will appreciate this table clock to the large wall clocks a little cumbersome. In your rooms, it is also the perfect model to adopt an industrial look. If you like original and vintage clocks, those with a singular shape and sober colors like grey, this is the model you need.

Standing clock

A clock is a furniture accessory in its own right. This decorative tool alone can radically change the look of your home. Kare Click offers you a pedestal clock with the look of a very noble and classy dog. With a relatively remarkable height (138 cm), this free-standing clock will make all the difference in your interior. You can choose to put it in a corner of your living room, depending on your interior design, to enhance a particular piece of furniture or for a sober but elegant decor. This clock model is perfectly suited to a contemporary interior where the concept of "the clock" goes beyond its sole function of "telling the time".