Candleholders & lanterns

To illuminate a summer evening with friends or create a spa atmosphere in your bathroom, candleholders, lanterns and candle holders are your allies! Elegant candelabra and oriental lanterns allow you to complete your decoration.

Let yourself be rocked by the soothing floating and permanent ripples of a candle at a family meal, alone or with friends. Kare offers a wide choice of candlesticks and lanterns to decorate your living spaces but also to modify the lighting of your rooms, whether it is a bathroom, a kitchen, a bedroom, a living room or an office, according to the atmosphere you wish to bring. Lanterns, candle holders, candle holders, candle holders... complete your interior decoration with our decoration accessories that will modify and renew the lighting in your home. Choose beautiful lanterns with soft reflections to soothe the atmosphere of your room, use scented and aromatic candles to complement our photophores to exhale a warm and relaxing scent, a source of well-being in your home or apartment. Finally, you can also choose models of photophores or patterned lanterns to create light effects and create an intimate atmosphere in your home. We have a wide range of candlesticks and lanterns in different styles and materials to enhance your candles and dress your home in a subtle and elegant way. As you will have understood, Kare lanterns, candle holders and candleholders can transform any space into a haven of peace and softness.

How to use lanterns for your decoration?

Did you know that? Lanterns can be used both inside and outside your home, on a terrace or balcony. Some models are made of wood while others are made of stoneware, glass or metal: nickel, steel, brass or wrought iron. Winter or summer models, adapt your decoration to the seasons! Artistic, exotic, classic, romantic or baroque decoration, adapt your decoration by changing lanterns according to your desires and your desires of atmosphere. In the shape of mosaics, with relief patterns, pearls, transparent, tinted... many models of candle holders, candle holders or lanterns are unique pieces made by hand, which makes your object even more exceptional.

Interior decoration ideas

  • Place a large lantern on a table to focus your guests' attention and gaze on this artistic and contemporary object to illuminate your room and provide it with all the comfort you need

  • Line up outdoor lanterns in the driveway leading to the entrance to your home to show your guests the way to your home and give your outdoor space a special touch,

  • Group lanterns in the lobby of your house to bring a cosy atmosphere from the moment you enter your home,

  • Place candle holders on the top of the pediment of your chimney to illuminate this space, even when you are not using the fireplace

  • Dress the empty space next to your sofa with a sparkling or warm lantern to bring life and light to it by the fire. This accessory will replace with originality a halogen floor lamp for example.

Tip: Don't forget to choose lanterns that are adapted and proportional to the spaces they are supposed to fill. Combine a large lantern with a smaller one to bring depth to your rooms by playing on the dimensions and geometry of the space.