Makeup Dressers

This is the highlight of your room! Kare thinks of all the divas who dream of a space for themselves and has designed superb hairdressers that will fit perfectly into the room.

The dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in your room. Not only does it help you stay beautiful, it also serves as an ideal storage space for your jewellery, cosmetics, hair accessories and beauty kits: make-up, nail polish, lipstick, palettes... There is nothing like cosmetic products at hand to restore your daily beauty!

The dressing table, a decoration accessory in its own right

Whether with or without a mirror, with legs or drawers, and despite its small size, the dressing table is the kind of furniture that is essential in a house. Although it has an outdated, outdated, outdated image, the hairdresser is becoming trendy again! Like a revisited boudoir, the hairdresser perfectly dresses a room, even giving it a new function that allows her to replace, for certain everyday actions, the bathroom. Did we think it was forgotten? On the contrary, the hairdresser is once again so popular that it becomes a real decorative accessory. Whether it is available in all styles (Scandinavian, classic, retro or girly), whether it is refined, minimalist, exotic or, on the contrary, multifunctional, the hairdresser brings a real touch of cocooning to the decoration of a bedroom. Kare has selected for you various models (trunk, chest of drawers, mixed hairdresser with storage...) which should normally satisfy all your desires.

4 reasons to install a dressing table in a bedroom:

  1. You have a bathroom that is too small, in which case a hairdresser allows you to store your beauty accessories.
  2. Your bathroom doesn't have a window... However, it is always more difficult to put make-up on under artificial lighting. Having a hairdresser in your bedroom allows you to enjoy natural light.
  3. You need your own space. Having a 100% private space in the house allows you to get a haven of peace, especially during rush hours in the house, when the whole family occupies the bathroom. Thanks to your hairdresser, get ready without stress!
  4. Own a multifunctional piece of furniture. Thanks to its multiple drawers and storage spaces, the dressing table is a kind of revisited console, which makes it possible to store a little bit of what you want there. The trunk-shaped models can be used to store clothes, objects or even furniture such as a footstool, for example...

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