The cabinets and their high storage are perfect for small rooms. We offer a selection of shelf cabinets and wardrobes that house storage for your clothes behind their design facade.

Classic, modern, design, industrial, original, vintage or soft, the wardrobe is the essential furniture for storage in your home. It generally occupies a predominant place in an interior. Indeed, the bedroom wardrobe houses the family's dressing room and has a space dedicated to all types of clothing or household linen. The office cabinet can store your important papers and documents, while the kitchen cabinet can absorb all your stock of dishes, kitchen equipment and accessories or tablecloths and napkins. Not to mention the shoe cupboard, which has a smaller but equally effective role in keeping your shoes out of sight, in order to avoid false decorations. Do you want to create a spacious and aesthetic wardrobe? Do you need to store your kitchen utensils or administrative papers in an enclosed space dedicated to this function? At Kare, you can choose from a wide selection of cabinets chosen for their quality, robustness, discretion or originality, volume and aesthetic style.

A beautiful equipment designed for practical storage

The wardrobe, whatever its style, is very useful in a house or apartment. Its role, thanks to its great storage capacity, is to store the personal, sometimes intimate, belongings of a family in a closed space and to preserve from view those objects or everyday accessories rightly considered unsightly. This furniture is generally used in the bedrooms of parents and children. But it can also sometimes be found in a dedicated dressing area.

Our cabinets are available in all styles - contemporary, rustic, modern, baroque, Scandinavian, industrial... and formats - rectangular, round, high or minimalist. Designed to help you organize your space and store your clothes, they are perfectly handy and easy to install.

One cabinet for each space

To create a practical storage space that will make your daily life easier, you need 100% functional furniture. Our cabinets meet special needs and are of exceptional quality, in terms of volume and modularity.

Among our selection of designer cabinets, some of them can be used as linen or wardrobes to store your clothes, jewellery, shoes or household linen. We also have customized cabinets that meet more specific needs to optimize your living space: kitchen accessories, crockery, sheets and blankets, bags, books, board games, bed sets, pillowcases, tablecloths, placemats....

The essential for all rooms

Choose a wardrobe to beautify your room or your children's room. Choose a cabinet that looks like you, opening or sliding, depending on the space available. Our cabinets come in different sizes and many styles can meet your requirements.

As for the design, there are all kinds of colours: woody, yellow, grey, red or multicoloured. You can even let your children choose the colour of their wardrobe for you, and choose a colour that gives charm to your room.

We also have cabinets that are perfectly in line with an ecological approach. Unique pieces that you can add to your art collection, to impress your guests, refresh and brighten up your home.

Choosing a cabinet is not easy. You must take into account several criteria to avoid cluttering your interior with an additional room. Colour, style, height, volume are all parameters to be taken into account to find the ideal cabinet that will enhance your interior. Placed in a bedroom, living room, dining room or kitchen, a wardrobe is not only used as a storage space, but also as a decorative accessory.

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