Screens or interior partitions are not condemned to be sinister. Why not opt for a contemporary design screen from Kare? A good way to stand out in colour and give a little harmony to your interior decoration.

Screens and interior partitions

Room dividers such as screens or interior partitions are the ideal solution for managing and optimizing your space.. Whether you want to delimit a room for aesthetic reasons, create an intimate corner, partition a desk or your workspace, interior screens and partitions are a practical solution: they are easy to assemble, stylish and inexpensive. Partition walls are an ideal economical choice for small spaces. Kare offers a range of design screens in different styles, from contemporary to exotic, in different materials: wood, glass, steel... Mirror effect, natural effect or patterned, there is something for everyone!

Each room has its own draft shield or partition!

If you choose a partition wall for a living room or office, consider a piece of furniture with shelves or space for books. A partition with bookcase provides additional storage space. Modular cubes stacked on top of each other can also be used as library to create a solid and functional partition. Add compartments and drawers to create new storage options.

Partition walls and screens are particularly suitable for the bedroom where materials such as mango wood help to bring a chic and elegant look to your night room.

The majority of the draft shield models offered by Kare are multiple panelsThis allows you to obtain different inclinations according to your needs. We also offer a model of folding screen made of acacia wood rods, shaded in white, whose sober, natural and refined design will perfectly fit in your living room or bedroom. Finally, our model of Retro draft shieldThanks to its mirrors on each panel and its powder-coated steel, it will be ideal for interiors in vintage style but also for an interior with a more contemporary look. A timeless screen in short, both original and practical for those who love transparency. Nature lovers or those who have favoured ethnic interior decoration will have their heart set on the Oriental folding screen Birds and Bamboo of Kare.

Why buy a screen?

The main objective of the draft shield is to create an illusion of additional space in the room where it is located, whether it is a bedroom, a living room or an office. The screens we offer you are of different styles, textures and colours, which allows you to choose the screen that will fit perfectly into your interior. Whatever your need, create an illusion of intimacy in a room, add a decorative touch, protect against draughts, hide the children's play area in the living room (ideal for small spaces), the draft shield is perfect for any situation. Its particularity: it is a piece of furniture, or a decorative object according to the use that one makes of it, removable and retractablewhich allows you to create multiple combinations to perfectly adapt it to the needs of your interior. This multifunctional decorative object can also, in some cases, be used to decorate a balcony or terrace. Kare design screens are easy to handle, install and maintain. They can be adapted to all styles: contemporary, baroque, modern, vintage, ethnic...

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