Sofa Desire Vintage Eco 3-Seater Kare Design

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Sofa Desire Vintage Eco 3-Seater Kare Design

Sofa Desire Vintage Eco 3-Seater Kare Design

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This sofa combines the vintage style with the classic features of the Chesterfield. Lower, more voluminous and with wider armrests, this sofa recalls current trends while retaining its legendary upholstery and delicious comfort. Its vintage leather effect coating gives it a very relaxed design look. Also available in armchair version.

Remove crumbs and dust with a soft brush. Check that your cleaning product does not discolour the material by first testing it on an invisible area (e. g. under the seat). Exposure to the sun can discolour your sofa.

Technical data sheet

Height :  68 cm
Length :  100 cm
Width :  245 cm
Weight :  84 kg
Materials :  plywood, polyester, cotton, polyurethane, polyurethane foam 30 kg/m³ and 21 kg/m³, lacquered wood (pine)
Color :  Marron

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