Office furniture

KARE office furniture is designed for maximum efficiency in your workroom while keeping an unmistakable decorative touch. The office is a must for anyone working at home but also for relaxing on your computer. A design office is the solution to feel comfortable and have a decoration to your taste. Are you looking for an office furniture, a console or a secretary to store your personal and professional belongings? Do you want it in modern, contemporary, industrial, Scandinavian or vintage style, in wood or glass, with a large drawer or composed of a storage box? At Kare, we have the right auxiliary furniture for your office.

Vintage desk

Because we want you to think of yourself as a writer from the beatnik era, or a secretary from the seventies in your office, at Kare we create furniture that takes you back in time. This way, you can escape from everyday life every time you settle in. Do you have a weakness for the charm of vintage lines and materials? Then no doubt you will melt for our Grannys Kitchen office.

Scandinavian office

The Scandinavian office has become a must in recent years and is constantly appearing in decoration magazines. Clean and minimalist, it brings a touch of freshness to your room. At Kare we create many Scandinavian office models with lines and colours that are at the forefront of the latest decoration trends. Our Capri desk, for example, features sloping legs and Scandinavian-style light wood, while adding a touch of madness with its mismatched drawers.

Design office

For you, the most important thing is to equip your home with furniture that is out of the ordinary? Good news, at Kare we don't do anything like the others! In our catalogue of design offices you will undoubtedly find the one that will be able to stand in your room like a work of art.

Industrial office

Do you like rivets, metal/wood mix and raw lines? Fans of industrial style know that they can find their happiness in the X Factory model. For us, creating furniture from materials generally used by industrial sectors is an endless source of inspiration. Thanks to our talented designers, your office will look like a workshop.

Modern office

Do you want your office to be both comfortable and elegant? For you, the most beautiful lines are the simplest and you like simplicity? Without hesitation, we think you will love our modern offices. Our Polar office with its glass shelves and chrome-plated trestles has been one of our star products for years.

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